Amerikan bayrağı


Academic/Business Vocabulary
collaborate (verb): işbirliği yapmak (fiil)
Okunuşu: kolabareyt

Collaborate means "to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.

Academic/Business Vocabulary
homogeneous (adjective): türdeş (sıfat)
Okunuşu: homocinyıs

Homogeneous means "of the same or a similar kind or nature."

Academic/Business Vocabulary
Debilitating (sıfat): sakat bırakan/bırakıcı
Okunusu: debiliteyting

Anlamı: Debilitating means "causing serious impairment of strength or ability to function."

Academic/Business Vocabulary
rejuvenate (verb): gençleştirmek (fiil)
Okunusu: rijuuvıneyt

Anlamı: Rejuvenate means "to make young or youthful again" or "to give new strength or energy to."

livid (adjective): çok öfkelenmiş (sıfat)
Okunuşu: livid

Anlamı: Livid means "very angry, enraged, or furious."

benign (adjective): iyi huylu (sıfat)
Okunusu: binayn

Anlamı: Benign means "not causing harm or injury." In medicine, it refers to tumors that are not cancerous.

rationale (noun): gerekçe (isim)
Okunuşu: raşyınael

Anlamı: A rationale is an explanation or reason for something said or done.

negotiate (verb): müzakere etmek
Okunuşu: nıgoşiyeyt

Negotiate means "to deal with or bring about through discussion or compromise." It also means, for people and things in motion, "to get through, around, or over successfully."

grisly (adjective) : dehşet verici (sıfat)
Okunuşu: grizlii

Grisly means "causing horror or intense fear."

procrastinate (verb) : ertelemek (fiil)
Okunuşu: prokrastineyt

Procrastinate means "to intentionally put off doing something that should be done."

Devotion (noun) : adanmışlık (isim) 
Okunuşu: divooşın

Devotion means being dedicated or loyal, or expressing dedication or loyalty.

bogus (noun) : sahte (isim)
Okunuşu: booogus

Bogus means "not real or genuine"—it is synonymous with fake or counterfeit.